Fixing up the dreaded "ERROR 003" in a Wii

  • santhosh on 3 Nov

So I had this bricked Nintendo Wii lying around for quite sometime. For about
year or so, it lay there gathering dust. It was not until the end of HillHacks
2015 I managed to build up enough motivation to actually take a look at again,
but this time with proper determination to get it fixed.

Sometime back in 2014 this was a fully functional Nintendo Wii. I used to
occasionally put in a disc of "Wii Sports" and do some Bowling or play
tennis. And I always wanted to play "Resident Evil 0" but never found time to
play it. Then one day a friend of mine wanted to try one of the "Tony Hawk"
Games with the Skateboard bundle[1].  As usual we inserted the Game Disc, it
prompted the Wii needed a firmware update and we gave it the "Yes", update
happened, prompted for a system restart, and then we were greeted by the
following message[2].

"Error 003 Unauthorized device has been detected"

Of course at the time we both were quite surprised, we thought we did something
wrong with the update, may be it did not go right, after all the error number is
quite small.. read more

One lock to unlock them all - the Electronic Door Lock project at KEK

  • Anto Jose on 5 Apr

To make the KEK physical space even more accessible to all of the community, we need to make sure the doors are open to anyone in need, even when the residents have stepped out for a few hours.

One solution would be to circulate around a set of duplicate keys. Or another would be to make sure that somebody is always there to open the door.

Or the fun way would be to automate all of that in a very scalable Electronic Door Lock, as suggested by Cherry. The idea was to interface a motor to the existing deadbolt lock (for which the specs were obtained from Dorset's website).

And last weekend, we had Santhosh and Vinayan doing exactly that. Here is a brief on what happened:

In order to automate the lock system we needed to ensure the following
conditions were met
1. Motor driven mechanism that can turn the lock in the desired direction to
open or close.
2. Making sure to authenticate the person who wants to get access to KeK
3. Make sure in case the electronic system fails the door is still functional
and accessible.
Let us look.. read more